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    Analysis of the Development Trend of Future Brand Connectors

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    Connectors are the core foundational elements necessary for electrical connections. With the rapid development of interconnection technology, connectors are widely used in many fields such as automobile, communication, aerospace, computer, industry and household appliances. Global connector market has continued for nearly 40 consecutive years of growth, the Chinese market performance is better, the growth rate of about 2 times the global market growth. As China's economy bottoms out and its intelligence upgrades, it will surely continue to drive the industry to move forward rapidly.

    According to the data released by the latest National Bureau of Statistics of China, the industrial profit in China still maintained a good growth this year, which shows that the Chinese economy has bottomed out. In 2017, the supply of various components will be tight and the emerging markets will have obvious growth. Driven by such demand, the global connector market is expected to reach 61.76 billion U.S. dollars this year and the Chinese market will be nearly 20 billion U.S. dollars. This is undoubtedly the connector manufacturer Very exciting data.

    Four trends in connector development

    With the increasingly obvious trend of intelligent products, connector products show four trends.

    Trend one: from standard to customized

    With the diversification of electronic products and the emergence of more and more intelligent products such as robots and unmanned aerial vehicles, manufacturers need more custom connector products to meet the needs of the products. The connector product manufacturers need to develop new products together with the customers to meet the needs of customers A shape and function needs, so early connector manufacturers to product design is more and more important.

    Trend two, from a single to multi-signal transmission

    With the increasingly slim electronic products, the connector has changed the traditional from single signal transmission into a variety of signal transmission, the same cable can transmit optical, electrical or other signals, it also helps save space and improve system reliability.

    Trend three, from passive products to intelligent

    In order to meet the market demand and make more profits, the connector is being transformed from a passive product into a modular and intelligent product to meet different customer's product requirements.

    Trend four, miniaturization of precision

    Now the increasingly slim electronic products, but also promote even the machine products, connectors products to small size, low height, narrow spacing, multi-function, long life, surface mount and other directions. Improving process and design is still an important topic for future development.

    Globally, automotive connectors are the largest market for applications, followed by telecommunications and data communications. China's connector market has occupied about 30% of the global connector market, but the level of our connector is low. Emerging areas may bring more business opportunities for the connector Emerging areas include autopilot, AR / VR, robots, drones, shared cycling smart wearable, etc. These emerging areas have special needs for connectors, prompting the connector Diversified development. 



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